The range of offers


Proofreading of French texts

Each document entrusted to us for proofreading is subject to a careful examination of spelling, grammar,
typographic conventions, and then syntactic coherence.

Typographic conventions
The respect of the typographic conventions contributes to the ergonomics and comfort offered to the reader. The use of spaces, capital letters, etc. are based on a set of rules that are often ignored by the writers. This is a factor that is too often neglected in terms of dispersion, or even interruption of reading. This is even more true for reading on screen, 25% slower than on paper.
Syntactic coherence
Syntactic coherence particularly responds to new uses: collective writing, content aggregation, intervention of multiple contributors... It consists in unifying the syntax of a document by harmonizing formulations and making the same syntax choices throughout your document.
Typographic charter
You have writing habits and preferences: for example, you want your COMPANY name to always be in capital letters? You can provide us with a list of specific preferences that we will apply when proofreading your documents. We advise you to choose between ruler and usage on certain typographic issues.

> You can contact us for any specific request.


Proofreading of English texts

Your texts in English will receive the same attention as a text in French and will be thoroughly proofread.


Translation from and into English

Entrust us with your French or English document,
it will be returned to you translated and proofread,
thus optimising the time and cost of this service.


Spelling hotline


This exclusive service offered only by Correctmot allows you to answer all your questions about spelling and grammar.

It happens to everyone to have doubts about a word, an agreement, a turn of phrase, a grammar rule… And it is often difficult to find a reliable answer by yourself as opinions can differ on forums and other sources of information. Don’t hesitate any longer!

First of all, choose one of our packages packages according to your needs and the number of users. Then ask your questions by phone or e-mail to our spelling hotline and get a clear and professional answer immediately*!

* Within the limits of the service hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. You will be given a dedicated telephone number and email after you have purchased your package.